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This is the question we get asked the most – but it’s not something we can readily put a price on as there are several factors which affect cost:

  • The area to be covered;
  • The base on which it is to be laid upon
  • The preparation work we need to undertake to get the base correct
  • Any additional work that needs to be undertaken

This is why we come out and give you a totally free, no obligation, quote. Please contact our friendly team to arrange this.

In resin bound surfacing the aggregate is mixed with the resin. The material is then trowelled down to a smooth finish similar to a screed (with no loose stones). Resin bonded surfacing is a scatter system which provides texture and the appearance of loose gravel.

With any of our resin bound or bonded products we can provide driveways, pathways, back yards, parking areas, steps, hallways, kitchens, garages, industrial warehouses, anywhere with a floored area!

Yes we can provide you with a full range of skirting products to neatly finish any driveway or pathways, just ask our friendly team member who will visit you quote and show you all the colours and variants available.

Always depending on the weather and other customers who are scheduled, we endeavour to complete your driveway within 2 weeks from our quotation.

Yes! During installation of your resin surface a non-slip surface is added before the curing process. Due to the fantastic SUDS system within the resin solution this means that any water hitting the top of the resin surface with automatically absorb and enter back into the natural water table. It’s so eco friendly!

Of course not! Its free of charge and no obligation, though we can assure you you will love our product and great customer service.

Do not worry depending on whether you have chosen a resin bond or bounded surface it is easily removed with a domestic detergent and for tougher stains diluted bleach will do the trick. Remember DO NOT USE A WIRE BRUSH when cleaning.

Not really, we can lay your new driveway path or floor over existing tarmac and concrete. We can also lay a brand new base on any existing surface. See our Fact Sheets for more information about base build ups.

No, there is no need as the beauty of the SUD’s resin compound is that it is eco friendly. Therefore the resin bound adheres to the SUD’s process making the surface fully permeable and no threat to the environment.

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